Client: Raskolnikow & Sonja 
Year: 2022
Scope: Postcard for ADV

About the band
Berlin-based indie-pop band with a unique fusion of nostalgic simplicity and ethereal melodies, reminiscent of the 90s era with a modern twist. This quintet, comprised of five Italians who have made Berlin their creative hub, brings together a diverse array of musical influences to craft their distinctive sound. The band's sonic palette is further enriched by their mastery of mixed tonal frequencies, creating a rich tapestry of sound that immerses listeners in a mesmerizing auditory experience. Their music transcends genre boundaries, offering a seamless fusion of indie-pop sensibilities with elements of dream pop and folk. Thematically, their songs delve into the complexities of life, exploring themes of melancholy and spleen with poignant lyricism and heartfelt emotion. Each composition serves as a musical journey, inviting listeners to reflect on the human experience and find solace in shared moments of introspection.

About the concept
The postcard features a dual-sided design that effectively captures the band's unique musical identity and thematic elements. This is visually supported by the mixed imagery of both the landscape and the band members. Snowy landscape with a dilapidated car in the foreground and mountains in the back-ground. This stark and somewhat melancholic scene sets a contemplative mood, aligning with the band's introspective and poignant lyrical themes. The postcard design reflects the band's musical fusion by combining nostalgic visual elements with modern touches. The background of the text includes a faded, grayscale image of the band members, which adds a personal touch and visual connection to the band. The subtlety of the image ensures that the text remains the focal point while still providing a glimpse of the band's identi-ty. The imagery and fonts chosen resonate with the band's blend of 90s song simplicity and contemporary ethereal soundscapes. The desolate landscape and subdued color palette mirror the band's exploration of life's complexities and melancholic themes. This visual representation enhances the emotional depth conveyed through their music.

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