Client: PhC CapalbioFotografia
Year: 2021
Scope: Webdesign,  website-renewal

About the festival
PHC CAPALBIOFOTOGRAFIA is an International Contemporary Photography Festival in Capalbio. The festival has been held over the last 15 years in Capalbio a historical town in South Tuscany. The mission is to initiate and support innovative work by both established and emerging artists that will advance the understanding of the varied meanings, functions and significance of photography and related media. PhC CapalbioFotografia has exhibited works by notable figures such as Don McCullin, Tim Davis, Leonie Purchas, Matthew Monteith, Graciela Iturbide, Anders Petersen, David Spero, Bernard Plossu and many others. The festival and workshop aspires to bring together both established and emerging talent, who will work together to consider not only local realities, but also national and international dynamics. Since 2021 the PhC have created the "off-section" for young photographers and for site-specific and "en plein-air" new projects.

About the concept
Creating a website for a photography festival like PhC Capalbio Fotografia requires a design that is visually captivating, user-friendly, and reflective of the artistic nature of the event. Here's a description concept for the web design and UI of the festival's website: The website should evoke the artistic and cultural essence of the festival while ensuring easy navigation and accessibility. The design should balance stunning visuals with clear information, creating an immersive online experience for visitors.

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