Designer  Dimitri Angelini

Year  2023-2024

Style  1

Languages  IT-DE-FR-EN-ES

Weight  5+Variable

File Format  .ttf .woff .woff2
Daro is s a sans-serif display, and its name is a fusion of two words: “Digital” and “Taro.” In Japanese culture, the name “Taro” referes to the eldest son, suggesting that, as time goes on, Daro will hopefully become the first of many new projects of Dimitri Angelini’s typographic initiative.
Daro has been designed with a spirit that evokes the nostalgia of a bygone digital era and technology, which now resurfaces with the renewed interest in 8-bit games and the technology of the 1990s, a re-discovery of ‘digital-vintage’.”
Daro is a riking sans-serif dilay typeface that em - bodies the essence of cyberpunk aehetics, digital tecnology, and the noalgic resurgence of 8-bit gaming. Designed to captivate the viewer with its futuristic yet retro arm, Daro is a versatile typeface that seamlesy bridges the gap between the digital age and the neon-lit reets of cyberpunk cities, with a unique touch.
Key Characteristics:

Sleek Display Sans Serif Design:
DARO features a clean sans-serif design that radiates modernity and simplicity, making it well-suited for both digital applications and print.

Geometric Precision:
The typeface embraces geometric precision, with characters formed by a combination of sharp angles and bold, straight lines. This geometry reflects the precision and orderliness of the digital realm.

Pixelated Influence:
A defining feature of DARO is its subtle pixelated influence. This pays homage to the 8-bit era of video games, with characters containing just enough pixel-like detailing to evoke nostalgia while remaining highly legible.

Variety of Weights:
DARO is available in a range of weights, from thin to bold, allowing for versatile typographic expression. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide array of design applications.

Cyberpunk Styling:
The typeface incorporates cyberpunk elements, such as sharp corners, jagged edges, and angular terminals, which give it a futuristic, edgy ap
pearance. It's as if the typeface has been plucked from the neon-soaked streets of a dystopian future.

Versatile Ligatures:
DARO includes ligatures that enhance its visual appeal. These ligatures can be used to create unique and visually striking text compositions, adding to its overall versatility.

Digital Aesthetic:
DARO embodies the aesthetic of the digital age, making it the perfect choice for projects related to technology, gaming, science fiction, and anything that requires a sleek, modern, and visually captivating typeface.

DARO is a typeface that effortlessly blends the worlds of cyberpunk, digital technology, and retro gaming, offering designers a powerful tool to create visually compelling and evocative designs. Its clean lines, geometric precision, and pixelated nostalgia make it a standout choice for anyone looking to infuse their work with a touch of futuristic, digital magic. Whether you're designing for the future or reminiscing about the past, DARO is the perfect typeface to bring your vision to life.
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